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Client Brief

Before we start working on your production, we first take the time to make sure we completely understand your needs, taste, brand guidelines, budget, priorities and overall objectives. You might have an idea in mind for us to expand upon, or you might want us to stretch our creative muscles and come up with something creative and unique from scratch. Regardless, we see ourselves as your creative partner and we will work with you closely to come up with an idea that excites.

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Concept Development & Scriptwriting

Once we have an idea that you love, we set about further developing the idea and turning it into a script and storyboard. This process usually involves collaboration with our clients, but you can have as much (or as little) input as you like. Once you are happy with the concept and the script, we can move onto the more technical side of things!

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Scheduling & Planning

There are a number of tasks that production companies need to perform before the cameras start rolling. In this stage, we set about hashing out all the details like locations, props, equipment, shot lists, storyboards, graphic designs, actors – all the elements we need to plan before day 1 of the shoot. Our primary aim is to stick to the brief, budget and schedule, and this requires constant vigilance on our end!

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Once we have everything prepared (and you are 100% satisfied with the progress of the production), it’s time to shoot. By this point, we have secured the locations, equipment, cast and crew and sent out call sheets. Depending on the type of production, the filming may take a few hours or a few weeks – we will shoot to a strict schedule and you will be informed at every step along the way. Once the filming is complete, the director will send the footage to the editor and we go into post-production.

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Post Production

Post-production is where we pull the project together. From video editing, colour grading and VFX – all to ensure we have a perfect finished product.

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Project Delivery

We export and send the finished project on time and hand it over to you for a final review!