Want TV Press? This Video Content Technique Will Better Your Chances

In today’s increasingly crowded media market, outlets are scrambling for unique material with many stations delivering 24-hour news to their audiences.

While there is still an abundance of content at their fingertips, the networks are understaffed (for the amount they’re producing) and overworked (constantly trying to keep up with digital trends and changes).

So, what if you were able to give them juicy, hard video content on a silver platter? Do you think they’d give it a run?

The answer is MOST DEFINITELY … YES!

Many would’ve heard of this technique… many wouldn’t have. It’s called a Video News Release (VNR).

It’s where you pitch to the press a release AND video content. We’re talking the full hog – a series of balanced interviews and overlay footage – ready to be scripted by a journalist and clipped up into a neat little engaging 1:20 (if you’re lucky) package.

Essentially, you (as the client) has paid for a camera operator and producer/public relations expert to carry out the filming and interviewing to send out to media.

But it’s not AS easy as that.

They won’t just run anything. Getting a media outlet to listen to your pitch in the first place is one of the toughest tasks.

So how can you better your chances?

  1. Narrow down the interesting or entertaining angle (news outlets will NOT go for a sales pitch)
  2. Think of a punch line that’s either a new a cold, hard fact (is there any new statistics or research around the topic?) or something unique that will interest the public
  3. Identify the right network and/or program for your content
  4. Don’t send it to everyone! (do you have a preference? Then give that network the “exclusive” – it’s too competitive for networks to be running the same material)

If you’d like a Video News Release, or you’d like to know more, contact Jenna Fearnley (former TV Journalist and PR Consultant) – [email protected]