The Video Content Marketing Strategy You Should Use Before Anything Else

Let’s talk about video content marketing.

We live in an age where we can review any service with just a few taps on the keyboard and a click of a button.

What customers say about us and our products speaks volumes; nothing gives credibility quite like a series of five-star reviews from highly-satisfied clients.

As Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit, said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

We are all influencers. We are all consumers.

So how can businesses transfer positive consumer experiences into valuable, credible content marketing?

Customer/client video testimonials. Yes, it’s being done by various brands and businesses, but we believe there aren’t many people doing it really well.


  1. Humanises the brand
  2. Builds credibility
  3. Improves exposure

So, what’s the secret to crafting highly engaging and emotive testimonial content?

The purpose behind it is to entice an audience by offering them a relatable human experience and connection with the brand’s why, not what.

For example, our client Alibaba’s why is: “to make it easy to do business anywhere”; it’s what (in a nutshell) is offering various sales services online.

Our production company, 100 Proof Films, carried out two testimonial campaigns for Alibaba. The first was to launch the company into Australia and New Zealand. We created a series of short, sharp high-quality testimonial videos from with various local brands, big and small.

They tell are story. They are emotive. They are relatable. They are short. They are visually appealing. The Alibaba marketing team have used them on various platforms and have told us that they’ve been powerful and useful in engaging prospective clients. You be the judge.


Why video? This is the headline of another article (just google search for the stats), but primarily because research shows video is the medium of choice; it increases customer engagement, conservations and retention rates and, by appealing to multiple senses, it enhances emotional connections.

Here are 6 tips to creating memorable testimonial videos:

  1. Choose Quality

Time and time again we’ve seen brands disappointed by the standard of video produced by people, who either don’t have the experience under the belt or the level of high-quality equipment; this is purely to save a quick dollar.

We’ve had clients come to us after already spending thousands with a video company, only to have to pay to have their content redone, costing them more in the long run.

Marketing and video is an investment. The great part about a high-quality, well-thought-out video is that it can be reused over and over – targeted to different audiences.

Do your research. What’s the production company’s track record?

  1. Skip the Script

Make it a genuine conversation. This means, you will need to pick a client who is comfortable in front of the camera.

  1. Make the First 10 Seconds Count

There’s research that shows viewers switch off after the first 10 seconds if it didn’t grab or engage them. Get to the point. Make it punchy.

  1. Length

Short and sharp is always best for social media, but there’s a bit of leeway with website and Youtube content. If a customer is truly interested, they will want to hear the full story. Our advice is to make two versions – a 30 second social media clip and a long-form version for your website and Youtube.

  1. Messaging

What does your company stand for? Write out three – five words that you believe defines your service and make sure you pick a client who deliver content that is in-line with your values.

  1. Bang for Your Buck

Lastly, distribution of this content is key to ensuring your audience is reached. Testimonial videos are perfect for email marketing, social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and website funnels. Make sure you speak with a distribution or social media guru to get an effective roll-out strategy – this is just as important as the content creation.

Jenna Fearnley (nee Hudson) is the Co-Owner of creative film production agency, She is a Public Relations Manager and a former Nine Network journalist of nearly a decade.